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Magic in motion.

Tell your story with film and animation.

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Take your audience to your world in glorious video.

Music videos

Release your masterpiece with a film to compliment it - shot and edited in sync with every beat and note.

Movies to inform


Got a hot new product or a gig coming up? Turn your viewers into sales with a hard-hitting, hypnotic advertisement!

Get your point across to the people that matter most to you with an informative and attention-grabbing documentary.

We've got the right tools for the right job.

Make an impression

We can create your own unique, animated identity (or ident) with original sound to stamp your future content with.

Completely animated

Interactive experiences

Hoodoo can display your content in eye-catching ways and add interactive elements to make your presentation a show stopper.

You can rely on Hoodoo to create a fully animated spectacle such as lyric videos, music videos, storytelling and character building.

Snap, edit and share

As well as film and animation, we can provide still photography sessions with full editing and publishing for promotional use, live events and more.

Sell your content

We can help get your video production to eCommerce solutions for your customers to purchase and watch - perfect for tutorials and premium content.


Let's make something great.

Contact Hoodoo today to get any other questions answered and tell your story!

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